Law Enforcement Restricted Resources

These resources are law enforcement sensitive and restricted to sworn LEOs and analysts. They are information-sharing and dissemination points that can be critical in communicating threats. Remember to participate and contribute as well as consume.

Unless otherwise stated, these resources are free to sworn law enforcement (analysts at the discretion of the agency).


If you take away nothing else, sign up for FBI-CJIS.

LEEP – FBI-CJIS (formerly called LEO Online) – The FBI bridge to law enforcement and space for agencies/departments to collaborate and share information. LES info on sovereigns, gangs, cartels, OMGs, terrorism, threat alerts, prison/street gang intelligence, officer safety alerts, LEOKA data, intelligence reports, interest groups (SIGs), virtual command centers for your use, case collaboration, symbol/graffiti/tattoo identification, and more from federal, local, and state agencies. LEOs are encouraged to contribute intel.

RISS (Regional Information Sharing System) – Officer safety section, gang intelligence section, cold case locator, sovereigns, militias, terrorism, officer safety, and awareness alerts, BOLOs, criminal tradecraft, and RFI posting. Access can be granted through RISS independently but is automatically granted via FBI-CJIS.

TRAC (Transaction Record Analysis Center) – Searchable index of wire and transfer transactions; track a dirty wire operator or funds to/from other states/nations on subjects of criminal investigations. A desktop application is also available. 

GangNET – Multi-state gang intelligence, individuals, codes, symbols, etc. Includes gangs, OMGs, and sovereigns. Contact NCSHP at the link above for access details and training.

NCISAAC (North Carolina Information Sharing And Analysis Center) – Features include officer safety, intelligence-sharing, BOLOs, and tradecraft alerts. 

Carfax For Police – Use car update information to track routes based on service, see vehicle histories, etc. 24/7 alert system on a vehicle(s) of your choice. Free to use, free training available. 

U.S. Counterfeit Note Search (Secret Service)Search suspected bogus cash. 

BrokerCheck (FINRA) – Search a broker or firm for violations, histories, complaints, etc. 

U.S. Department of State –  Valuable information on terrorism, intelligence, security briefings, human trafficking, narcotics, and more. Create news streams on law enforcement-related and/or region-of-interest topics. Not L.E. restricted but has useful information. 

CargoNet – Cargo theft alerts and access to CargoNet database for free via a partnership with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

HSIN (Homeland Security Information Network) – State and region-specific information streams, terrorist tradecraft alerts, strategic assessments, intelligence-sharing ad collaboration. 

TRIPwireDHS site; bomb, IED, and explosives tradecraft. 

EPIC (El Paso Intelligence Center) – Focus on trafficking with DTO intelligence and officer safety bulletins. 

Firearms Tracing Center and NIBIN (ATF) – Submit requests for firearms tracing assistance. Includes eTrace, an online system for firearms tracing requests. Ballistics/shooting evidence assistance and image access. 

NDCAC (National Domestic Communications Assistance Center) – Free technical assistance and guidance for lawful communications interception. Comprised of FBI, DEA, ATF, and U.S. Marshals. Offers technical training fellowships. 

R.N. Database (FTC) – Clothing Registration Numbers, which can be used to trace clothing manufacturers and year of production. You can find the Candian counterpart (CA#) here

NIJ Software Tools, Apps, and Databases – Crime analysis software, geographic profiling software, burning item database, and lots more. 

Online & Onsite Training Resources

FBI Virtual Academy – Free, online training on a variety of topics; law enforcement agencies can register themselves via the above link. 

Federal Virtual Training Environment (DHS) – Register via your official government email account and get access to free training in cybersecurity and related subjects. 

FLETC Learning Center – The FLETC Learning Center provides a collection of training information, webinars, and events.

SLATT (State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training) – Resources/training for a variety of terrorism and related topics – foreign, domestic, and foreign affinity. Reports, analyses.

FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness – Onsite and online training for law enforcement on a variety of topics from crowd control to terrorism (check course listings for associated fees). 

NW3C (National White Collar Crime Center) –  Free online and in-person training, as well as publications and investigations, support materials. Online training includes computer skills and digital evidence recovery/seizure. Law enforcement organizations can register via the above link. 

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