Open Access Journals

These are selected open access journals of interest (online only). Most of these are rigorously peer-reviewed.

Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice
Anti-trafficking Review
Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction
Australian Institute of Criminology Publications
Computational Social Networks
Crime Science
Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law& Society
CTC Sentinel (Combating Terrorism Center, West Point)
Drug Science, Policy & Law
Duke Law Journal
Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences (2017-)
Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences (2011-2016)
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Fire Science Reviews
FLETC Journal
Forensic Magazine
Frontiers in Psychiatry: Forensic Psychiatry
Global Societies Journal
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Injury Epidemiology
Instructional Science (no longer open access)
International Journal for Crime, Justice, & Social Democracy
International Journal of Adolescence and Youth
International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research
International Journal of Conflict & Violence
International Journal of Cyber Criminology
International Journal of Leadership Studies
Internet Journal of Criminology
Investigative Sciences Journal
Journal for Deradicalization
Journal of Big Data
Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior
Journal of Conflict Transformation & Security
Journal of Criminology
Journal of Forensic Science & Criminology
Journal of Injury and Violence Research
Journal of Terrorism Research (Now known as Contemporary Voices in International Relations)
Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering
National Institute of Justice Journal

Perspectives on Terrorism
Problems of Forensic Sciences
Procedia Computer Science
Research and Reports in Forensic Medical Science
Salus Journal (Journal of Law Enforcement, National Security, and Emergency Management)
Scandinavian Journal of Forensic Science
Security Journal (partial open access)
Sociology and Criminology
Statistics and Public Policy
Transportation Research Procedia
Urban Planning and Transport Research

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