The mission of the North Carolina Justice Academy is to enhance the careers of criminal justice officers through research, education, and training. We pride ourselves on being Relevant, Innovative, Timely, and Engaging (R.I.T.E.) in all areas of the curriculum.

We have fostered numerous partnerships with various stakeholders across North Carolina that are vital to our mission that ensure each student that touches our campus, physically or virtually, gets the best training and information possible.


Audio Visual Production Unit

The NCJA Audio Visual Production Unit is a small, full-service production house taking videos from script to screen. Functions include videotaping, audio recording, editing, graphic design, and desktop publishing.

Its primary purpose is to develop products to enhance North Carolina criminal justice-mandated training and courses designed and delivered by the Justice Academy’s training staff. The Video Unit was created in 1986 and expanded to include social media and graphic design. It is located on the Salemburg campus in the Support Services Building.

Agencies assisted by the Video Production Unit include the Attorney General’s Office, State Bureau of Investigation, Alcohol Law Enforcement, Department of Health and Human Services, State Highway Patrol, NC Association of School Resource Officers, NC Sheriff’s’ Association, and numerous local police departments and sheriffs’ offices.


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Did you know North Carolina has one of the most stringent and reputable Speed-Measuring Instrument (SMI) programs in the United States? School Director Terry Miller presented the June recertification training course for RADAR and LIDAR Instructors this week. This training course involves intense practical exercises where Instructors are assessed on successfully identifying all the features and functions of the 21 RADARs and 11 LIDAR devices approved for use in North Carolina. Student Instructors must also show proficiency in using the devices, including setting them up for service, measuring speed, and testing them for accuracy with 100% proficiency. The course also updates the instructors on training methods, curriculum, and the Administrative Code, followed by written testing to assess the SMI Instructor’s knowledge. This June recertification course included Instructors from area Sheriff’s Offices, Police Departments, and the State Highway Patrol. Excellent work earning a well-deserved renewed certification, SMI Instructors!International Assn of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards & Training NC Sheriffs' Association North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police ... See MoreSee Less
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