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West Campus Closing Due to Impending Weather

Due to the deterioration of travel conditions and in an effort to keep all staff and students safe the West Campus is cancelling all classes that start prior to Wednesday December 12th, 2018.

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Property and Evidence Room Management

Are you in charge of the operation and maintenance of the property and evidence rooms? Then, this course is for you. This course is designed to have one day in the classroom and an independent site visit. For more information, click the link below.

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Juvenile Legal Issues for Law Enforcement

Are you an officer than works with juveniles on a regular basis? Are you involved in juvenile court deliquency proceedings? Then we have just the class for you! Juvenile Legal Issues for Law Enforcement discusses a juvenile's consent to search, any limitations of that consent, and explains the options of law enforcement when taking a juvenile into custody. Click on the "more" button to read the full description.

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Introdcution to Financial Crimes

Are you interested in financial crimes? Do you want to expand your knowledge and learn the warning signs of embezzlement, larceny and forgery? Sign up for the Introduction to Financial Crimes course. Click the "more" button for the full course description.

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Ongoing:  Call for papers for the Journal of the North Carolina Justice Academy. All instructors and law enforcement are encouraged to submit an article for the journal. Please contact Jeffrey Zimmerman for any questions or concerns.

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