Audio/Visual Production Unit

As a component of the Academy’s Instructional Support Services Department, the Audio/Visual Production Unit is under the administration of the Audio/Visual Production Unit Manager and the Deputy Director of Support Services. The Audio/Visual Production Unit has been in place since 1986 and is located on the Salemburg campus in the Support Services Building. Its humble beginnings started as the Video Production Unit until 2022 when it was renamed to encompass all the services it provides.  

 The NCJA Audio/Visual Production Unit’s primary purpose is to develop audio and visual products to supplement and enhance criminal justice training mandated by the state of North Carolina, in conjunction with courses designed and delivered by the Justice Academy’s training staff. The Unit is also responsible for content maintenance of the Academy’s website and all social media platforms, as well as creating and producing the Academy’s podcast, NCJA 10-14. 

 The NCJA Audio/Visual Production Unit is a small full-service video production house, able to take productions “from script to screen.” Functions include videography, audio recording, digital editing, DVD authoring, disc and USB duplication, graphic design, and creating and managing the content of the Academy’s website and social media platforms.  

 Agencies assisted by the Audio/Visual Production Unit include the Attorney General’s Office, the State Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Public Safety, Alcohol Law Enforcement, the Department of Health and Human Services, the State Highway Patrol, the NC Association of School Resource Officers, NC Sheriffs’ Association, and numerous local police departments and sheriffs’ offices. 

Previously a Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association member, the Audio/Visual Production Unit has received four Silver Shield Awards. In continuing our legacy of assisting law enforcement, the Audio/Visual Production Unit is looking to the future to create a library of content for developmental use for all agencies.  

To inquire about purchasing a video, please contact the bookstore.

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