Specialized Firearms Instructor Training

The Specialized Firearms Instructor Training Course is a North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission-mandated program consisting of 81 hours of specialized instruction.

The training curriculum is maintained by Alex Cobb, the designated School Director for Specialized Firearms Instructor Training, North Carolina Justice Academy.

This Instructor level training for Law Enforcement firearms programs, both BLET and in-service training, is conducted solely by the North Carolina Justice Academy. Students who successfully complete the program may then conduct firearms training and qualification courses for Law Enforcement Officers throughout North Carolina. The Specialized Firearms Instructor Training Course employs lectures, discussions, practical exercises, and practice teaching.

During the Specialized Firearms Instructor Training Course students learn how to:

  • Conduct law enforcement firearms qualification on Commission-approved courses of fire.
  • Design and administer law enforcement combat shooting courses.
  • Train law enforcement officers in the nomenclature, fundamentals of shooting, maintenance and cleaning, and inspection of the handgun, shotgun, and rifle.
  • Supervise a range with maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Render initial first-aid for medical emergencies on the range.

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