TTCP FAQs & Course List

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have attended training that is similar to one(s) listed in the electives. May I receive credit for that elective(s)?
    • Only courses listed in the program or specifically approved by the current or past program coordinator in writing/email will be given credit.


  • Who will be responsible for keeping up with my progress in the program?
    • Students will. At the time of your application, we will include your name in our files as a participant in the program. You will receive an email or letter indicating you have been accepted. From that point, you must keep track of your certificates as you receive them from each course you complete outside the NCJA Acadis System. Once you believe you have established enough credits to complete the program, you will send an email to the program coordinator along with an NCJA unofficial transcript and a copy of all certificates of completion for courses not administered by NCJA in a PDF format. Upon review of your transcript and certificates you will be notified of your elgibility to receive the program certificate.


  • How do I receive a copy of my transcripts?
    • Students who desire a transcript of NCJA courses can print or save it in a PDF through Acadis.


Course List

(Courses not listed below will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the current program coordinator)

Full Credit for Hours Attended (as listed on training certificate):

  • Advanced Cell Extraction Response Team Operator
  • Aggressive Driving Enforcement
  • ALERRT (Various Courses)
  • AR 15 Patrol Rifle Armorer Course
  • Armed Detention Officer Course
  • ASP Instructor Certification
  • Basic Anti-Terrorism Awareness
  • Basic Inmate Transport
  • Basic Hostage and Crisis Negotiations
  • Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement (Various Courses)
  • Cell Extraction Response Team Operator I
  • Criminal Investigations through Traffic Law Enforcement
  • Combat Course Development
  • Drone-UAS Basic Training Course for Public Safety Officers
  • Drug Enforcement for Patrol Officers
  • Early Stage Street Encounters and Laws of Investigative Stops
  • FBI Regional Crisis Negotiations
  • Federal Law Enforcement Tactical Courses (case-by-case basis)
  • Firearms for Female Officers
  • Firearms Skills Workshop
  • Fundamentals of Law Enforcement Driving
  • GLOCK (Basic and Advanced Armorer)
  • Haley Strategic Partners (Various Courses)
  • Hostage Negotiations for the First Responder
  • IALEFI Training Conference
  • Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) Training
  • Law Enforcement Sniper Course
  • Laws Governing Concealed Handgun & Use of Deadly Force
  • North Carolina Tactical Officers Conference & Regional Training
  • Officer Involved Shootings and Line of Duty Death: Managing the Aftermath
  • Officer Safety/Readiness Training
  • Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism
  • Remington Armorer Training (Various Courses)
  • Robbery Response Tactics
  • Safariland/DEFTEC/CTS Instructor & Operator Courses
  • Simunitions Courses
  • Solo Active Shooter Response Conditioning for Law Enforcement/School Resource Officer
  • Specialized Driver Instructor Training
  • Specialized Explosives and Hazardous Materials Instructor Training
  • Specialized Firearms Instructor Training
  • Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor Training
  • Specialized Subject Control/Arrest Techniques Instructor Training
  • Stress, PTSD, and Resiliency for Law Enforcement
  • SWAT (Various Courses)
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Support
  • Tactical Leadership
  • Tactical Leadership: Critical Lessons Learned
  • TASER Conducted Electrical Weapon Instructor Training
  • Terrorism Update
  • Threat Assessment and the School Rampage Shooter
  • Threat Assessment and Workplace Violence
  • Use of Force Decision Making
  • Verbal Judo – (Includes LEO, Detention & CJ Professional)


Partial Credit For Hours Attended:

  • Advanced Field Training Officer – 4 hrs.
  • Detention Field Training Officer – 8 hrs.
  • Field Training Officer – 8 hrs.
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