NCJA 10-14: Child Advocacy Month Episode 2

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Welcome back!
Join our podcast host Kirk and our month-long guest, child abuse resource prosecutor Whitney Belich in the continuation of our discussions during Child Advocacy Month. This episode focuses on what officers and first responders should know and look out for when responding to a call.

April is recognized as Child Advocacy/National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The North Carolina Justice Academy is bringing awareness and information to light in order to help protect families and help communities prevent child abuse and neglect.


blue pinwheels under the text April National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month of April. Stop child violence. Children protection and safety month.

Whitney Belich contact information:

Additional Resources:

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina
National Child Abuse Prevention Month via The US Department of Health & Human Services
North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys
North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys Child Abuse Resource Program
North Carolina’s Child Advocacy Center

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