NCJA 10-14: Resiliency

NCJA 10-14 podcast image

Join host Kirk Puckett and guests Jessica Cook and Paul Phelan as they discuss resiliency in law enforcement.

In this continued discussion paired with May’s Isolation podcast, as a part of National Mental Health Awareness Month, Jessica and Paul discuss ways law enforcement and criminal justice professionals can identify and build resiliency to better protect your mental health and endure hardship.


Additional Resources:

Jessica Cook:

Paul Phelan:

Resilience: Build Skills to Endure Hardship

Psychological Resilience, Mental Health, and Inhibitory Control Among Youth and Young Adults Under Stress

5 Ways to Promote Officer Resilience

Improving Law Enforcement Resilience

Resilience in Retired Police Officers

Trauma Resilience Training for Police: Psychophysiological and Performance Effects

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