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The primary objective of the East Carolina University Police Department (ECUPD) is to provide proactive, professional law enforcement services to the community in support of the University’s educational mission. To accomplish this, the police department protects life and property, investigates crimes, leads crime prevention efforts, and enforces federal, state, and local laws and/or policies. ECUPD is a full-service, CALEA and IACLEA accredited, professional law enforcement Agency, and officers are certified, sworn, and empowered with the same authority and responsibilities as other state and local law enforcement officers in the State of North Carolina. The ECUPD consists of sworn police officers and non-sworn employees and is organized into major operational functions that include various administrative responsibilities, field operations (patrol) responsibilities, criminal investigations, community affairs, and emergency communications.

This sworn law enforcement position is responsible for the administration of aspects of a modern law enforcement agency including patrol, investigations, telecommunications, security, accreditation, crime prevention, professional standards, and IT support. This professional work involves directing a public safety operation engaged in enforcing the laws of the State of North Carolina and the United States Government at East Carolina University. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to, developing policy and procedure, planning and organizing operations, managing budget development and related resource allocation, and maintaining appropriate relations with local and other State law enforcement agencies as well as the media. This position also manages the day-to-day operations of the Police Department which includes the management of patrol operations, investigations, administration and police/regulatory compliance, career development, special events, projects, community affairs, policy and procedures, crime analysis, and workload assessment.

The Deputy Police Chief assists the Chief of Police with the oversight of the Agency in conducting its mission with a focus on compliance with all applicable directives. The Deputy Police Chief provides a critical focus on internal operational excellence by reviewing areas of responsibilities, personnel oversight, and office and field observations of performance and Agency operations. The Deputy Police Chief gathers and/or coordinates data collection on efficiency and quality of service, performance, and operational concerns; compiles and reviews assessment reports and provides recommendations for changes or needs to the Chief of Police. The Deputy Police Chief assists the Chief of Police with administrative meetings and will serve as the officer in charge (OIC) of the Agency in the absence of the Chief of Police.

The Deputy Chief of Police guides and assists subordinate leadership and operational units in mission- and task-oriented goals and functions, while ensuring the development of personnel in various aspects of professional development, including the documentation and review of development efforts. This position will ensure the balance of delegated authority and personal contribution to task completion. The Deputy Police Chief must conduct a broad array of supervisory capacities including, but not limited to, managing schedules, evaluating direct reports and Agency operations, preparing and presenting various development plans or other relevant proposals, and providing coaching, encouragement, and disciplinary action recommendations as needed. This position is responsible, in whole or in part at various times, for creating or planning various Agency operations, making personnel assignments, responding to inquiries from the public or other stakeholders, and responding to complaints if they arise. The Deputy Police Chief is a resource to internal and external campus partners as well as Agency personnel and will provide guidance and oversight to ensure compliance with all relevant and applicable policies, rules, regulations, and laws.

Sworn police personnel, including the Deputy Police Chief position, may be deployed/requested to assist in field operations based on the operational needs of the department and may fulfill other law enforcement or administrative duties as assigned. Thus, the Deputy Police Chief may be required to participate in a variety of functions such as working special events as assigned, responding to emergencies, working during inclement weather, and conducting other non-supervisory tasks as necessary to meet the mission of the Agency and the University. All sworn police personnel are considered essential personnel for inclement weather and emergencies and may be required to work altered schedules, including overtime, depending upon the circumstances of the event, including special events that require police management or participation. Job tasks may require individual completion or direct oversight, collaboration, and/or delegation of the accomplishment of the tasks included in the job description.

Administrative Management & Leadership
●Supervises both sworn and non-sworn personnel who are responsible for the overall operations of the police department.
● Responsible for ensuring that all employees act in accordance with case law and changes in NC General Statute in the performance of their duties.
●Oversees use of force, pursuit, personnel actions, early warning systems, standards compliance, property and evidence management, and daily internal operations.
●This position will also serve as the Commander for Police Incidents in accordance with the Incident Command System and will coordinate employee response at Special and Sporting Events. ●Ensures that records are retained and stored in accordance with the records retention requirements.
●Ensures fair and equitable hiring and promotional processes that comply with state and federal requirements and ECU policies, rules, and regulations.
●Ensures that adequate and sufficient training is conducted for all students, faculty and staff pertaining to identified safety and crime prevention topics.
●Responsible for identifying training needs and implementing training programs and ensuring that all training is documented, including mandatory in-service training that is required to maintain certification with North Carolina Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission.
Strategic Operations Management
●Assists in developing Divisional annual goals and objectives.
●Manages special events and coordinates with other departments (Transportation, Athletics, Central Reservations Office, etc.) to ensure proper planning and response to special events.
●Develops special projects to address patterns of crime on campus and assigns personnel to a schedule and plan of action to identify and apprehend perpetrators.
●Manages patrol schedules and personnel assignments to provide effective and target law enforcement response to serve and protect the campus community.
●Coordinates with Office of General Counsel and University Communications to ensure proper dissemination of information related to Emergency and Safety Notifications.
●Ensures that criminal activity data is utilized for crime analysis and that resulting analysis is used for strategic response to deter and apprehend violators.
● Serve as the acting Police Chief or Officer in Charge (OIC) in the Chief’s absence.
Policies & Procedures Assessment & Management
●Reviews and (re)writes Standard Operating Procedures to ensure compliance with best practices in law enforcement, state and federal legislation, CALEA and IACLEA standards and University expectations.
●Manages policies and procedures for the collection and coordination of Clery data and ensures that all relevant data is collated and disseminated in accordance with the Clery Act and Title IX.
●Manages policies and procedures for the storage of evidence and ensures that evidence is stored and managed in accordance with all applicable standards and legal requirements.
●Reviews and edits Standard Operating Procedures to ensure compliance with best practices in law enforcement, state and federal legislation, CALEA and IACLEA standards, and respective University or Agency expectations.
●Independently or collaboratively establishes operational procedures for multiple units.
Resource Assessment & Management
●Manages personnel to provide coverage of campus operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while ensuring that overtime pay does not exceed budgetary constraints.
●Ensures that police equipment including weapons, uniforms, equipment, and vehicles are properly maintained and are serviceable to ensure that any associated replacement costs are in accordance with procurement requirements.
●Evaluates investigative databases for follow-up investigations.
●Ensures that all inspections are completed for daily, weekly, and monthly required inspections.
●Makes recommendations to the Chief regarding projected expenditures.
●Ensures that necessary service contracts for software and equipment are obtained in accordance with procurement guidelines.
●Performs workload analysis as needed.
Personnel Management & Development
●Manages the Field Training Program to ensure compliance with departmental policies and procedures and ensure new employees meet the standards for the department.
●Ensures that all employees receive proper training for assigned responsibilities.
●Ensures that sworn and non-sworn managers are consistently and appropriately developing and counseling employees and conducting performance appraisals.
●Creates personnel performance plans and conducts annual and/or semi-annual performance appraisals of subordinate performance.
●Ensures that subordinate supervisors create personnel performance plans and that they conduct annual and/or semi-annual performance appraisals in accordance with ECU HR procedures and ensures that performance appraisals are conducted fairly and equitably.
●Helps coordinate promotional processes for career advancement and promotional opportunities.
●Ensures quarterly reviews of Early Warning System Database and assigns supervisors to investigate and analyze specific incidents that exceed the Early Warning System threshold for employees.
●Responsible for the completion of any special projects or other duties assigned by the Chief. Duties may include other additional functions appropriate to the position.
Partnerships & Collaboration
●Serves as a liaison to local, state, and federal law enforcement and government agencies to address matters of mutual concern.
●Crafts or aids in the crafting of messages to disseminate to campus community in emergency situations via the emergency notification system.
●Serves as a departmental liaison to internal and external units, including Environmental Health & Safety, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Title IX, General Counsel, Parking Services, Student Affairs, Dean of Students, Student Health and Counseling, the Greenville Police Department, Greenville Fire/Rescue, and the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, and others as needed.
● Responsible for participating in Department and/or University committees that are relevant to the missions of the Department and/or University.
●Coordinates with the University communications groups to prepare statements on newsworthy incidents that are law enforcement related and or on-campus or that involve individuals who are affiliated with East Carolina University.
Strategic Goals Development
●Identifies future department needs and helps develop effective strategies to acquire needed resources to meet expected safety needs of the campus community.
●Establishes partnerships with other university departments, including the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Campus Living and the University Behavioral Concerns Team, to ensure that concerned behavior cases are properly managed and to prevent future acts of violence.
●Craft and/or manage, in coordination with ECU Parking & Transportation, traffic control plans for major events.
●Responsible for coordination and testing of the ECUPD COOP plan.
●Identifies technological advances that can be incorporated into patrol operations to utilize surveillance and automation to detect and prevent criminal activity.
●Develops long-term and short-term strategic plans for delivery of police and emergency services to the campus community and develop and implement police operational plans in support of the ECU All Hazards Emergency Planning.

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