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Community Policing

The Community Policing Certificate Program (CPCP) is designed to recognize the achievement of an individual's progressive training goals within the field of Community Oriented Policing.  The program blends a mixture of core courses, electives, and practical experience that together form a strong foundation of critical knowledge and information.  It is designed to increase the professional excellence of the law enforcement member who is actively engaged in Community Oriented Policing.
Program Requirements
The total requirement for the completion of the program is 400 class hours as noted on certificates.  This number includes the hours required for all core courses.

If you are currently enrolled in the CPCP, you will continue under the requirements in place at the time of your enrollment. Officers that enroll after April 1, 2016 must complete courses requirements effective for April 1, 2016.
Officers who are approved must be a sworn member of a law enforcement agency (public or private).

Any approved courses taken prior to the acceptance date will be credited towards completion of the certificate program if taken within the previous five years of the application date. These courses must be NCJA listed courses. Community College, University, or other programs will NOT count for credit within this program. Hours of credit will be given as listed on course completion documentation. Final approval of courses and credited hours is at the discretion of the program coordinator.

Accepted officers will be responsible for maintaining documentation of their own progress. Certificates and ongoing documentation other than the initial application will not be maintained on file at the NCJA until the officer has completed the program (NOTE: This is an important change from the previous CPCP).

CPCP participants will submit with the training certificate proofs and a first-person narrative, maximum of one page, explaining how this training process has helped to advance their professional Law Enforcement career. Recommendations for improvement of CPCP or NCJA training in general are welcome and should be included. The program coordinator will be available on an individual basis if any participant needs clarification regarding this written project element.
Program Application Process
The student must complete the program within four (4) years from the initial entry date, as listed on the application.   If extenuating circumstances exist, the student may apply for an extension to the program coordinator. 

Applicants must include in the application packet a brief written narrative that answers the following questions:
1) What the applicant expects to gain from this certificate program;
2) Personal and professional career goals; and
3) How NCJA training specifically focused upon Community Policing can advance those goals;
4) Statement of agreement to complete this program within 4 years of acceptance date.

To apply, click on the link to the right, print and complete the application, and mail to the address listed on the application. Make sure you also include your brief written narrative.

For more information about this program contact:
Carlton Joyner, Program Coordinator
NCJA - East Campus
PO Box 99
Salemburg, NC 28385-0099
(910) 525-4151 ext. 233
Fax: (910) 525-5439