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Special Population Callers

Attention Telecommunicators! Special Population Callers (a topic of choicefor In-Service) has been added to our online training portal. The purpose of this course is to enhance the telecommunicator’s knowledge in order to properly process calls for service from special population callers.

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care

TCCC courses offer the latest guidelines provided by the Department of Defense to ensure high quality training. This is a 2-day course and you will learn basic management planning for Care under fire as well as for Tactical Evacuation care, how to stop life threatening external hemorrhage and much more.

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Social Media in Hostage Negotiations

Do you want to be able to accurately identify current data on social media usage to help with hostage negotiations?Are you interested in the challenges and benefits to negotiating via social media? Then this course is for you! Sign up and join us in Edneyville July 1st!

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As we ramp up for the summer months, lets think ahead to the fall. The 2019 Organized Crime Drug enforcement Task Force Conference will be here before you know it. Get it on your calendars and make sure you are there!

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Ongoing:  Call for papers for the Journal of the North Carolina Justice Academy. All instructors and law enforcement are encouraged to submit an article for the journal. Please contact Jeffrey Zimmerman for any questions or concerns.

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