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CICP Approved Courses

Please make note that some courses that are credited may not appear on this list and some of the courses listed are not currently offered. There is a 5 year limit (going back) from application for credit hours to apply. If there are any questions about a specific class, first officers should check that it was an NCJA or NCJA sponsored course. After that, if there are questions, they can be emailed to Doug Robinson.
Hours Course
8 Advanced Child Death
16 Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation
16 Advanced Sex Crimes Investigations
20 Background Investigations  - Changed to 20 hours 3/7/16
16 Basic Anti-Terrorism Awareness
40 Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
40 Basic Hostage and Crisis Negotiations
32 Basic Narcotics Investigation
40 Chemical Processing and Advanced Photography
16 Child Abuse Related Interviewing: the Suspected Perpetrator
16 Child Death Investigation
40 Childfirst Interviewing
16 Cold Case - Techniques for Unresolved Investigations - Added 4/7/17
8 Communications Evidence Collection Methods (NDCAC) - Added 3/27/17
32 Crime Prevention through Environmental Design - Added 8/14/17
80 Crime Scene Investigation
24 Crime Scene Staging - Added 4/27/17
24 Criminal Intelligence and Analysis
40 Criminal Investigation: Interviews and Interrogations - Added 10/3/17
32 Criminal Investigation Through Traffic Law Enforcement
8 Criminal Sexual Paraphilias (Sexual Perversions)
8 Criminal Sexuality
40 Death Investigations
24 Documenting Child Maltreatment: Introduction to Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography
8 Domestic Violence: Crimes and Legal Issues 
8 Domestic Violence - From Obsessive Love to Murder
40 Domestic Violence Institute - Added 10/3/17
8 Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
16 Early Stage Street Encounters and the Laws of Investigative Stops - Added 7/25/17 
40 FBI Regional Crisis Negotiations
12 FEET on the Ground: Fortifying Efforts to Eradicate Human Trafficking in NC - Added 5/3/17
6 Finding Forensic Evidence With An Alternate Light
4 Finding Forensic Evidence with an Alternate Light - Laser 
40 Fingerprints Classification & Comparison
24 Forensic Analysis for Patrol Officers - Added 10/3/17
40 Forensic Analysis of Shooting Incidents - Added 10/3/17
16 Forensic Interviewing: The Child Victim/The Child Molester
16 Full Spectrum Photography Workshop by FUJIFILM - Added 4/27/17
40 General Criminal Investigations
8 Handling Suicide Callers
16 Harassment Identification and Investigation
8 Homemade Explosives: Awareness, Recognition & Response
4 Human Trafficking Protocol Training for LE
8 Identification of Fraudulent Documents
8 Inside the Mind of the Violent Offender
40 Internal Affairs Investigations
8 Interrogation Law Review
16 Interrogation Rights
24 Interrogator Personality Dynamics Web-based
40 Interview and Interrogation - As of 10/3/17 this is the course replacement: Criminal Investigation: Interviews and Interrogations.
24 Introduction to Financial Crimes
24 Introduction to Sex Crimes Investigations 
16 Investigating Crimes in Long-Term Care Facilities: Voiceless Victims - Revised 10/3/17 (24 hours to 16 hours)
40 Investigating for Probable Cause
40 Investigative Discourse Analysis 
24 Investigative Interviewing for Sexual Assaults
8 Investigating the Sexual Victimization of Children
16 Investigators Ethics Web Course
8 Juvenile Legal Issues for Law Enforcement
16 K-9 Legal Issues - Revised from 8 hours to 16 hours
8 Law Enforcement's Response to Abuse and Exploitation of the Elderly
40 Narcotics Investigators Spanish Course
 24 NC Association of Property & Evidence
28* NC Narcotic Enforcement Officers Conference
12* NC International Association for Identification - CSI Training Seminar - Added 8/2/17
28* North Carolina Homicide Investigators Association Conference
16* North Carolina Insurance Crime Information Exchange (NCICIE) Annual Training Conference
24* North Carolina International Association for Identification Conference - Added 10/3/17
 24* NC Law Enforcement Womens Association Conference
6 Officer-Involved Domestic Violence
16 Once Upon A Fraud
18* Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Conf. 
8 Photography Basics for Law Enforcement (Web-Based) - Added 7/25/17
24 Photography for the Responding Officer: Using the Compact Camera
76 Police Law Institute 
24 Police Law Institute Refresher
12 Profiling the Crime Scene
16 Property & Evidence Room Management 
16 Recognizing Insurance Fraud
24 Search Warrant Writing Class
16 Search Warrant Writing to Obtain Electronic Evidence 
40 Sex Crimes Investigation
40 Sexual Deviance and Related Investigations
8 Sovereign Citizens
40 Spanish for Investigators 
8 Special Topics in Sexual Assaults
8 Stalking and Stalking Behaviors
16 Suicide Investigation
16 Terrorism Update
28 The Law of Impairment: An Overview of DWI Law from the Stop to the Courtroom
8 Thinking Errors of Sexual Assaults
8 Threat Assessment and the School Rampage Shooter
8 Threat Assessment and Workplace Violence
8 Understanding Dementia
4 Using Alternate Light to Document Recent Soft Tissue Injuries
16 Verbal Judo: Tactical Communication for the Criminal Justice Professional - Added 7/25/17
16 Warrantless Searches 
* Based on previous year's conference. Hours may vary from year to year.
  If the course is not "linked", it is not currently being taught. If you have taken the course, credits earned will count toward CICP certification.