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Forensic Analysis of Bloodstain Patterns

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Who Should Attend:

Detectives, Supervisors, and Crime Scene Investigations

Course Goal:

This is a 40 hour basic intro course designed to enhance the student's understanding of how to analyze the bloodstain evidence at a crime scene in order to assist in an investigation. The topics covered in this course will include: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Reconstruction, History and Development of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Health and Safety Precautions, Fluid Dynamics and Physical Characteristics of Blood, Limitations of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Identify Individual Patterns of Spatter and Non-Spatter, Proper Documentation and Collection. 


Lecture, Demonstration, Practical Exercise

Course Requirements:

100% Attendance.
Students are required to participate in all practical exercises.
A minimum score of 75% must be achieved on the final exam.

Special Concerns:

Students will be exposed to non-human blood during practical exercises; appropriate safety precautions will be taken. Attire should be comfortable but appropriate for a professional setting.


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Course Coordinator:

Casson Reynolds

Length of Course:

40 hours - 5 days

CICP Credit

Directions to Salemburg & Edneyville