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Israeli HLS Conference

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Who Should Attend: 

Must be organizational leaders (or their designees) responsible for training, managing, or supervising L/E involved in security tasks, threat detection, assessment, and tactical response to active threats.


Course Goal: 

The goal of the Conference is to introduce participants to (1) IMI Florida Academy, an affiliate of Israel’s IMI Systems Advanced Homeland Security Academy, recognized worldwide as the leading provider of HLS for integrated training solutions to combat terrorism, and (2) the unique method and skills of our specially designed courses being offered to L/E at NCJA.

Course Objectives:

The participant will be able to: 
- Recognize different approaches to security and active threat preparedness and response.    
- Comprehend basic fundamentals of the Israeli fighting method: single fighter concept, striving to engage, violence of action, speed and precision.
- Analyze lessons learned by the State of Israel regarding proven tactics, techniques, and procedures to combat active threats. 
- See how new training courses offered by IMI Florida Academy would be useful for staff within their respective organizations.  


This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstrations, Q&A session, and practical exercise. 

Course Requirements:

100% Attendance. Successfully complete practical exercise. IMI Florida Academy Certificates of Appreciation will be awarded at end of Conference.

Special Concerns:

Only active sworn L/E or active military personnel will be allowed to enroll. 


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              IMI Florida Academy

Course Coordinator:

Floyd Yoder

Length of Course:

3 Hours