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Law Enforcement Update

Page Last Updated March 2015
The Criminal Justice and Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission approved in-service training requirements which will be implemented January 2016. These rules include the following annual requirements:

Law Enforcement Officer (24 credits)

Required Topics:
2016 Firearms Training and Qualification     (6 hours/credits) 
2016 Legal Update     (4 credits) 
2016 JMST: The Color of Justice     (2 hours/credits) 
2016 Human Trafficking Awareness     (2 hours/credits)
2016 NC Firearms Laws: Citizens and Guns    (2 hours/credits)

Topic of Choice:
Law Enforcement Intelligence Update     (4 hours/credits)
Body Worn Cameras/Video Evidence     (2 hours/credits)
Recovery of Mobile Devices and Preservation of Electronic Evidence     (2 hours/credits)
Leadership: Modeling Appropriate Behaviors    (2 hours/credits)

Lesson plans will be available on the Web on or before November 1, 2015. If you are an agency head, school director, or instructor, email Bill DuBois at to obtain the In-Service lesson plans on the web. Video clips cannot be obtained directly from the website.

Contact the NCJA Library at 910-525-4151, ext. 257, to borrow a CD to copy the video clips or purchase the In-Service Training Package through the NCJA BOOKSTORE.

The NCJA Audio-Visual Library will have CDs/DVDs for loan. The only cost will be return postage. Trainers/administrators are permitted to save the materials and to copy and duplicate as needed.