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Special Medical Operator I

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Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for sworn law enforcement, medics and military personnel.

Course Goal:

To provide sworn law enforcement officers, medics, military personnel already engaged in or entering a career providing tactical emergency medical operations in the support role or operator role, for tactical law enforcement operations.

Course Objectives:

Increase officer and public safety by providing the tactical medical skills necessary to survive in the unconventional environment.


This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstrations, practical exercises and field training exercises.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all class sessions. Students will be expected to successfully complete all of the practical exercises..

Special Concerns:

This course includes firearms familiarization, and for qualified individuals, a live fire exercise. (This course reserves the right to prohibit anyone from participation we deem unsafe.)

- Sworn officers should comply with their respective department policies. Officers may carry throughout training.

- Medics may bring firearms to the course for the live fire portion. Weapons MUST be secured off campus until the day of firearms training. Plan accordingly.
Participants shall report with the following:
Body Armor (optional but recommended)
Ballistic Helmet (optional but recommended)
Safety Glasses/Ear Protection
Gas Mask (SCBA mask will be provided for individuals without gas masks)
Medical Bags
Elbow & knee pads (optional)
2x Tactical Uniforms to include Hat
Camelbak (strongly encourage or reusable water bottles)
2x PT Clothes, Towel, & Running Shoes
Firearm (pistol) with Holster (you may bring other weapons, we will have plenty of range time)
Flashlight/Head lamp (Mandatory for Night-Ops)
Bug Repellant
Rain Gear (Poncho, Rain Coat)
150-200 Rounds of Ammunition (we will provide weapons if you do not have one. You are required to purchase ammunition, .40 caliber)


Fee: $165.00

Payments are to be made at the following website:

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Course Coordinator:

Jesse Kittrell

Length of Course:

50 hours