Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)

The Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Curriculum prepares entry-level individuals with the cognitive and physical skills needed to become certified law enforcement officers in North Carolina.

The curriculum comprises 36 separate blocks of instruction that include topics such as Law Enforcement Driver Training, Motor Vehicle Laws, and Arrest, Search and Seizure/Constitutional Law.

The BLET curriculum employs practical exercises and an extensive ethics section throughout the training experience. The BLET course has been thoroughly researched, legally reviewed and contains the most current law enforcement information available.

The Commission-mandated 640-hour course takes approximately 16 weeks to complete and concludes with a comprehensive written exam and skills testing.

Upon successful completion of the BLET State Comprehensive Written Examination, the BLET trainee has one year from the examination date to be duly appointed and sworn as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina.

However, most agencies include an additional period of field training.

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