CICP Course List

Interview and Interrogations:

Criminal Investigations: Interview and Interrogations 40 Hours

General Criminal or Death Investigations:

General Criminal Investigations 40 Hours
Suicide Investigations 16 Hours
Courtroom Testimony 16 Hours
Child Death 16 Hours
Advanced Child Death 8 Hours

Crime Scene Investigations or Forensic Analysis:

Crime Scene Investigations 80 Hours
Chemical Processing 40 Hours
Forensic Analysis of Shooting Incidents 40 Hours
Forensic Analysis of Bloodstain Patterns 40 Hours
Forensic Analysis and Ballistic Math 24 Hours
Property and Evidence Room Management 16 Hours
Photography Basics for Law Enforcement 8 Hours
Forensic Analysis Webinar Series 2 Hours Each

Narcotics or Gang/Anti-Government Investigations:

Basic Narcotics Investigations 40 Hours
Criminal Investigations through Traffic Law Enforcement 24 Hours
Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism 24 Hours

Domestic or Juvenile Investigations:

Domestic Violence Institute 40 Hours
Investigating Crimes in Long-Term Care Facilities 16 Hours
Child Death 16 Hours
Advanced Child Death 8 Hours

Sexual Assault/Trafficking or Financial Investigations:

Basic Sex Crimes 40 Hours


*Courses will only count for one topic area. For example, Child Death may count for General Criminal/Death Investigation or Domestic/Juvenile Investigations.

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