North Carolina Justice Academy

North Carolina Department of Justice

Vehicle Handgun Operations

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Who Should Attend:

Sworn Patrol Officers

Course Goal:

This course directly pertains to working in and around vehicles with a handgun. Focused to provide the shooter with the mindset and skill set necessary to conduct high level handgun manipulation in and around vehicles. The shooter should have a good working knowledge of the fundamentals and their weapon system prior to this course. This course will involve minimal physical output; however, the shooter should be able to move without difficulty. We encourage each student to dress in their everyday attire/gear to attend this course.

Course Objectives:

Topics covered will include:






-Moving around vehicles

-Shooting out of vehicles

-Shooting into vehicles

-Multiple threats



Lecture and practical exercises on the range.

Course Requirements:

Duty gear to include:  Serviceable Handgun, Serviceable Holster, Magazine Pouches, Ear & Eye Protection, Flashlight/weapon light, Long Sleeve Shirt, 600 Handgun Rounds, Open Mind,

Appropriate range attire.

Special Concerns:

Students should wear long sleeves due to working around broken glass. Running, bending, and standing from the knees is required during this course.

DUAL Registration & Fee:

  1. Go to to sign up and pay vendor. Fee is $300.00.
  2. Register on our North Carolina Justice Academy Training Portal. After signing in to the portal, you can view ALL available classes. If you don’t have a portal account, instructions for creating one are located here.




Course Coordinator:

Richard White

Length of Course:

20 hours


Directions to Salemburg & Edneyville