North Carolina Justice Academy

North Carolina Department of Justice

Use of Force Decision Making

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Who Should Attend:

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers

Course Goal:

This course is designed to aid officers in force related decisions and build techniques that can be used in deescalating potentially deadly encounters, maintaining control of the subject and documenting their actions accordingly. 

Course Objectives:

Examine legal issues with the use of force and aid officers in building skills in verbal communication to help limit the amount of force needed to control situations.  Properly complete use of force reports and other associated documents.


Lecture, practical exercises using a force simulator, written exercises.

Course Requirements:

Duty gear, athletic type shoes suitable for use on mats, comfortable clothing suitable for free movement and attachment of the duty belt to include duty holster and Taser holster.

Copies of the agency’s use of force report form and discharge of firearm report.

Special Concerns:

This course will include weapon retention exercises consistent with current SC/AT techniques.


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Course Coordinator:

Richard White

Length of Course:

5 days (40 hours)