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Telecommunicator Supervisor Training

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Who Should Attend:

All telecommunicators (sheriffs, police, emergency service centers, highway patrol, etc.) who are employed by or sponsored by an emergency services center and are preparing and/or performing the duties of a communications center supervisor.

Course Goals:

To provide the participant with knowledge and skills required to effectively supervise personnel in an emergency communications center.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:
> Define and describe the various roles filled by the supervisor.
> Identify and initiate proper intervention to solve problems when they occur.
> Identify procedures necessary to refer problems and remedies with proper use of the chain of command.
> Define terms and concepts associated with criminal prosecutions and civil prosecutions.
> List and explain various claims that may be brought against an agency in relation to supervisory actions.
> List in writing ways to minimize and/or avoid litigation by using proper supervisory methods.
> Describe the relationship between liability exposure and policy-and-procedure enforcement.
> Identify ways to better manage personal resources and successfully complete a self-assessment of your skills, knowledge and abilities.
> Describe how motivation affects work and how to motivate employees better.
> Explain the role of the supervisor as a leadership role model to employees.
> Demonstrate key dynamics of the communications process.
> Identify the important attributes of documentation and how to effectively use it.
> Define the term motivation.
> List and explain various motivational techniques.
> Utilize identified methods for counseling employees to address factors in high performance by employees.
> Describe the construction process for staff studies and methods used for planning and completing needs assessments, job-task analysis and job descriptions.


This course employs lecture, conference, and group exercise.

Course Requirements:

The student is required to attend the entire course. All practical exercises must be satisfactorily completed.


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Course Coordinator:

Susan Gillis


Length of Course:

Three days - 24 hours