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Time-Distance Instructor Recertification

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Who Should Attend:

Instructors seeking recertification under NCAC 9B.0219. Individuals must have successfully completed the RADAR Instructor Recertification course prior to entering Time-Distance Instructor Recertification.

Course Goal:

To maintain and enhance the skills necessary to instruct the time-distance speed measurement instrument programs.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:

♦ Demonstrate basic skills in calibrating and operating specific time-distance instruments.
♦ Identify specific time-distance instruments and techniques used by the trainee's agency and describe their major components, features, and functions.
♦ Identify laws, court rulings, regulations, policies, and procedures affecting time-distance speed measurement and speed enforcement.
♦ Demonstrate the ability to estimate vehicular speed in accordance with criteria specified on a standardized performance evaluation form.
♦ Demonstrate 100% competence on 25 basic configuration clocks in accordance with criteria specified on a standardized performance evaluation form.
♦ Teach students in the performance of the objectives listed above.


This course employs lecture and practical application.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all class sessions. Performance of 100% proficiency is required in motor-skills testing. Upon course completion, students must attain a minimum of 75% on a Commission-administered written examination prior to being recertified as a Time-Distance Instructor. There will be an assortment of motor-skills testing throughout the training course which the student must successfully complete before graduation from the training is permitted.
Special Concerns:
Students must bring a time-distance instrument and vehicle for use during testing and certification. 


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Course Coordinator:

Dan Worley


Length of Course:

One day - Minimum of 6 hours

 TEICP Accredited Course