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SWAT Operator II

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Who Should Attend:

This course complements the NCJA SWAT Operator I course and provides operators with additional options in regards to crisis resolution. Students must have completed the NCJA SWAT Operator I course or other approved basic level SWAT course.

Course Goals:

To expose the student to some of the methods and strategies used to resolve  critical situations that otherwise pose a risk to the community, citizens and law enforcement.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to: 
► Discuss the importance of combat readiness and conduct a series of physical training drills.
► Discuss the challenges that SWAT operators must face in a lethal confrontation and how they can prepare themselves mentally during training.
► Safely demonstrate the ability to manipulate and operate  both primary and secondary weapon systems in a tactical manner during a series of training exercises on the firing range and shoothouse.
► Identify the components of operational planning and execute a pre-rehearsed plan as part of a mock call-out.
► Identify the methods used to deploy chemical munitions in a tactical situation and demonstrate the ability to conduct a series of CQB drills while donning a gas mask.


This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstrations and practical exercises.

Course Requirements:

The student must be a certified law enforcement officer or currently serving as a member of the United States Armed Forces and must have completed the NCJA SWAT Operator I course or other approved course. Any student who has not attended the NCJA SWAT Operator I course must submit a certificate of completion of a basic SWAT course and also submit a course description or syllabus of that course.  Approval to be accepted into SWAT Operator II is contingent upon experience and is at the discretion of the course coordinator. Students are expected to successfully complete all practical exercises. The student must score an 80% or greater on the SWAT Operator II written exam.

Must be on an active SWAT team  and have a minimum of 1 year experience to attend. 

Special Concerns:
Materials required: Handgun with at least three magazines, 500 rounds practice ammunition for handgun, tactical belt and holster, long gun (SMG/Carbine/Shotgun) with at least  three magazines, 700 rounds practice ammunition for long-gun , flashlight, tactical clothing, rain gear, body armor, gas mask with filter, hearing/eye protection, billed ball cap, and ballistic helmet.

Optional items:
Any specialized item, tool or device utilized by your agency that will enhance your training.


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Course Coordinator:

Rodney Harris

Length of Course:

Five days - 50 hours

LIMIT: 3 students per department