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SWAT Operator I

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Who Should Attend:

This course is exclusively designed for law enforcement officers assigned to a Special Weapons and Tactics Team. The course design makes it applicable to both new and veteran operators seeking a structured week of training.   

Course Goals:

To expose the student to basic  individual skills and fundamentals of working as part of a team during the deployment of a SWAT related operation.  

Course Objectives:


The student will be able to:
► Discuss the basic structure of a SWAT team and distinguish between the responsibilities of each team member.
► Discuss legal issues that apply to tactical operations involving SWAT teams.
► Identify key components of the distraction device and demonstrate proper handling and employment techniques.
► Safely demonstrate the ability to manipulate and operate both primary and secondary weapon systems  in a tactical manner during training exercises on the firing range.
► Demonstrate the ability to effectively shoot a firearm while deploying a ballistic shield.
► Demonstrate the ability to conduct a dynamic entry as part of a team.
► Execute a slow and deliberate entry as part of a team.
► Score an 80% or better on the SWAT Operator post-course test. 



This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstrations and practical exercises.  

Course Requirements:

The student must be a certified law enforcement officer or currently serving as a member of the United States Armed Forces. Attendance is required at all class sessions. Students are expected to successfully complete all practical exercises. The student must score an 80% or greater on the SWAT Operator written exam. Student must be on an active SWAT team to be approved.

Special Concerns:

Students must bring with them (materials required): handgun with at least three magazines, 700 rounds practice ammunition for handgun, tactical belt and holster, long gun (SMG/Carbine/Shotgun) with at least  three magazines, 700 round practice ammunition for long-gun, flashlight, tactical clothing, rain gear, body armor, gas mask with filter, hearing/eye protection, billed ball cap and ballistic helmet.

Optional items that will enhance your training: Any specialized item, tool or device utilized by your agency that will enhance your training. 



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Course Coordinator:

Rodney Harris

Length of Course:

Five days - 50 hours

LIMIT: 3 students per department