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Simunitions Instructor & Safety Course

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Who Should Attend:

Law enforcement instructors/trainers who are integrating SIMUNITION® training ammunition technology into their agency’s or respective programs.

Course Goal:

This informative course is designed to provide students substantial hands-on experience with SIMUNITION® weapons conversion kits and training ammunition technology. Additionally, this course will provide indepth instruction on the scenario-based training methodology and give critical practical experience to students on how to best utilize SIMUNITION® training products in an effective, realistic, and safe training program.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:
  • Introduce and utilize SIMUNITION® ammunition technology to include: FX marking cartridges, CQT training rounds, Greenshield frangible ammunition, Short Stop SRTA limited-range ammunition. 
  • Introduce and utilize SIMUNITION® weapon conversion kits to include: pistols, M-16, M-4, MP-5, and shotguns.
  • Introduce and utilize SIMUNITION® protective equipment.
  • Develop, manage, and implement scenario based training which includes: safety  considerations, training objectives, personnel requirements, facility requirements, and equipment requirements.
  • Demonstrate learned skills in both live fire range exercises and scenario-based practical exercises.

Course description


This course employs discussion, demonstration, and practical exercises.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all sessions. The students must pass a written exam and practical skills evaluation.

The students should bring seasonal outdoor clothing, eye and hearing protection, long sleeve BDUs or coveralls, protective gloves, groin protection, notebook and pen. Bring equipment for inclement weather. SIMUNITION® will provide pistol conversion kits as well as M-16s/M-4s, MP- 5s, shotguns, and their associated equipment. SIMUNITION® will also provide basic protective equipment, all ammunition, as well as training aids.


Fee is $595.00 for Law Enforcement.


1.  To register for this course, contact: Simunitions at 1-800-464-8255. Online registration is at: William Sandman is the contact person. His email is

2. You must also register for the class by registering on our  North Carolina Justice Academy Training Portal.  If you don’t have a portal account, instructions for creating one are located here.



Course Coordinator:

Richard White

Length of Course:

Three days - 20 hours

Course Flyer for November 2017 Course