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Suicide Investigation

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Who Should Attend:

Investigators and crime scene technicians.

Course Goal:

To assist the student by identifying the investigative techniques required to determine if a decedent took his own life.

Course Objectives:

Given a suicide scenario, the student will be able to:
  • Define suicide and suicide related terms.     
  • Using the most recent data available, identify current suicide statistics. 
  • Identify various reasons why people commit suicide. 
  • Explain the different aspects of the biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives of suicide. 
  • Discuss proper scene processing and evaluation techniques. 
  • Discover assisted suicide and right to die organizations methodology in support of suicide. 
  • Identify the most common methods of suicide. 
  • Identify the information needed on the background of the deceased in order to successfully investigate a suspected suicide. 


This course employs lecture, case examinations and practical exercises.

Course Requirements:

Students must attend all portions of the course and pass a final exam with a minimum score of 70%. 


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Course Coordinator:

Russell Strickland

Length of Course:

Two days - 16 hours

 CICP Credit