North Carolina Justice Academy

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Specialized Firearms Instructor Training

Upon completion of required prequalification, the student will be placed in the next available specialized course and notified accordingly.
In order to attend this course, applicants must first successfully complete a prequalification session. Prequalification dates for this course can be located on the Academy's website:
Specialized Firearms Instructor Prequalification.

Due to completion of the Firearms Prequalification, the  Specialized Firearms Instructor Training starts at 1:00 PM the first day of class.

Who Should Attend:

Instructors who have received a recommendation from a certified school director/In-Service Training Coordinator and will be instructing firearms in Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) and instructors who are recommended by their agency head as instructing in-service firearms training and requalification as established by the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Commission.

Course Goals:

To provide the knowledge and skills necessary to instruct firearms in Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) or to instruct in-service firearms training and requalification.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:

► Conduct firearms qualification on Commission-approved courses of fire.
► Design and administer combat shooting courses. 
► Train officers in the nomenclature, fundamentals  of shooting, maintenance and cleaning and inspection of the handgun, shotgun and rifle.
► Supervise a range with a maximum of efficiency and safety.
► Render initial first-aid for medical emergencies on the range.


This course employs lecture, discussion, practical exercises and practice teaching.

Course Requirements:

Individuals must have successfully completed the Instructor Training course prior to entering Specialized Firearms Instructor Training.  This document must be submitted with the course registration. Attendance is required at all class sessions. Students must demonstrate the ability to operate a range safely and conduct the course of fire for all Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) approved courses of fire.  

Upon course completion, students must attain a minimum of 75% on a Commission-administered written examination prior to being certified as a Specialized Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

Special Concerns:
Students should bring comfortable and practical clothing for outside training and rain protection. Duty handgun, duty shotgun or rifle, duty type revolver with holster (if available) and uniform holster and belt with magazine carriers, etc. are required.

Ammunition should include: 1500 rounds of duty/ballistic equivalent ammunition for the duty handgun, 50 slugs, 50 rounds .00 buckshot, 100 rounds birdshot if using shotgun, 200 rounds 5.56 ammo regardless of whether you bring a shotgun or rifle. Other necessary equipment includes: duty flashlight, whistle, stopwatch, handgun cleaning equipment, ear protection, eye protection, billed hat or cap and clipboard. Students will be required to work on the range a minimum of two nights.

Effective February 2013: Student’s applying for our Specialized Instructor Training courses no longer have to submit a CPR card in order to enroll or attend. Students will have to submit the CPR card to the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Division once they complete our Specialized course and apply for certification.


  1. Register for ALL NCJA classes (traditional classroom and online) on our North Carolina Justice Academy Training Portal. After signing in to the portal, you can view ALL available classes. If you don’t have a portal account, instructions for creating one are located here.
  2. Also, you must complete the Written Endorsement to Attend Specialized Instructor or SMI Training form and return it to the appropriate program assistant indicated the Training Portal.


Course Coordinator:

Chad Thompson


Length of Course:

Ten days - 81 hours


 Starts at 1:00 PM

the first day of class.