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Solo Active Shooter Response Conditioning for Law Enforcement Officers/SROs

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Who Should Attend:

Any officer who may be tasked with responding to an active shooter situation and particularly officers who are assigned as School Resource Officers.  SROs are usually already present at a school and capable to defend innocent lives.  Rural officers may not have backup available in a reasonable time to form an Active Shooter contact team so they may have to go alone.  Active Shooter events are dynamic and usually over quickly; therefore, solo response may be the best option to stop the rapid mass murder of innocent parties.

Course Goal:

To introduce the School Resource Officer (SRO) or line officer to characteristics of mental and tactical preparation helpful to successfully mitigate an Active Shooter situation as a solo unit.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:
. Identify and demonstrate the concepts of tactical thinking and performance as it pertains to School Resource Officers or first-responders to active shooter situations.
. Develop firearm skills and proficiency needed when encountering an active shooter event.
. Build tactical proficiency by using stress inoculation in scenario-based training.


This course will employ lecture, conference and practical exercises.  This course is comprised of traditional classroom delivery and extensive practical exercises.  This training is challenging based on practical exercises designed to induce stress and allow the officer to successfully learn methods to neutralize an active shooter. This course does include one day of live fire range exercises and one day of force on force scenarios.

Course Requirements:

Students must successfully pass all written and practical exercises. Seventy five percent is the passing score on the written exam. All practical exercises are pass or fail with the opportunity for remediation for failures.

Special Concerns:
Students must provide the following equipment:
  • Assigned duty gear including handgun, soft body armor protective vest, duty belt, three (3) handgun magazines, flashlight, and handcuffs with key
  • Five hundred (500) rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Hat, ear protection, and eye protection
  • Gloves and long sleeve shirt for scenario practicals

Range exercises may be outdoors in unpredictable weather, so officers must prepare as they would when working their duty shift. Bring inclement weather gear; rain clothing, cold weather gear, gloves, and head protection. Nighttime exercises are possible, so extra flashlight and batteries may be needed.  Ear and eye protection, with a billed, are required. Simunitions® FX based training will require special protective gear which will be provided by the Academy.  Groin protector for both male and female officers is mandatory.  Standard (baseball/softball) protector may be used if provided by officer. Bring civilian clothes for scenarios.


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Course Coordinator:

Rodney Harris

Length of Course:

 Three days - 24 hours
Limit 2 students per department.