North Carolina Justice Academy

North Carolina Department of Justice

Regional SWAT In-Service Training

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Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for active tactical teams that want the opportunity to receive in-service training by participating in a series of workshops to test their decision-making, shooting skills, tactical skills and their ability to function as a team.  The workshops will focus on a variety of tactical issues encountered by specialty units in the SWAT world.   This course is co-sponsored by the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association.

Course Goal:

To provide the operator with the technical and tactical skills needed to perform the high liability response required to effectively function in their assigned jurisdiction.  This in-service training will present a variety of workshops geared to assist the operator to effectively control potentially dangerous situations, perform professionally under all conditions and achieve the desired outcome in an encounter.

Course Objectives:

TBA - The course objectives will be determined based on current trends and techniques through classroom and practical settings.


This course employs classroom instruction, demonstration, combat courses of fire and practical exercise.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required for all class sessions.  In order to satisfactorily complete this course, the student must participate in all class discussions and activities.

Equipment Requirements (Subject to change):

 ► Full tactical gear kit to include body armor and tactical uniform

 ► Handgun w/3 magazines

 ► Long Gun w/3 magazines

 ► Ammunition - Handgun (300 rounds per officer)

 ► Ammunition - Long Gun (300 rounds per officer)

 ► Gas mask w/ filter

 ► Sniper rifle (if applicable) and 100 rounds per sniper

 ► Eye/ear protection/hat

 ► Weather appropriate clothing/gear


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Course Coordinator:

Rodney Harris

Length of Course:

 Two days - 16 hours

Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association

Limit 10 students per department.