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Robbery Response Tactics (Web-based)

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Who Should Register:

All law enforcement officers.

Course Goals:

To present to the student effective methods and tactics of responding to various robbery-in-progress calls.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to achieve the following objectives in accordance with the information received during this course of instruction:

♦ List two principle distinguishing characteristics of a robbery.
♦ Correctly identify and describe the five types of robberies.
♦ Define invisible deployment.
♦ List the proper verbal commands that an officer should give to control a suspect or institution employee.
♦ Correctly list and describe the two types of perimeters at a robbery scene.
♦ Demonstrate the ability to diagram a possible robbery location indicating officer approaches and inner perimeter security placement
♦ Conduct a security assessment at a financial institution within the officers' jurisdiction utilizing a security assessment checklist.


This training will be conducted as web-based training.

Course Requirements:

Students will be required to have access to a computer that can access the Internet and all course documents with the following programs on it: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint viewer, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Class assignments will be conducted via the Internet.

Students will be required to complete all assignments including a score of 70% on the final test to successfully complete this course.


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Course Coordinator:

Scott Tyson

Course Credit:

Sixteen hours