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Rapid Deployment Instructor Training

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Rapid Deployment Training for the Active Shooter Notice

Who Should Attend:

Departmental/Agency instructors who have a background in conducting practical exercises in active shooter incidents, officer safety/survival training and/or SWAT tactics. Current General Instructor Certification and a valid CPR card are required.  Copies of each must be submitted with registration.

Course Goal:

The actual incidence and perceived fear of  epic school and public venue violence is escalating across the country.  North Carolina is not immune to this threat. This train-the-trainer course is designed to prepare agency instructors to deliver a program geared to patrol officers that will enable them to tactically and effectively stop the killing of innocent parties in an active shooter incident. The rapid deployment model being taught has direct application to other high-threat situations in public areas.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:
♦ Demonstrate the ability to effectively respond to an active shooter utilizing the proper safety techniques and tactical procedures presented during class.

♦ Using a pre-designed practical skills check-off sheet, demonstrate the ability to provide both positive and negative feedback concerning student performance and ability in the above listed techniques and procedures.

♦ Design, implement and evaluate safe rapid deployment exercise scenarios determining role players, functional facilities, ammunition, and weapons.

♦ Decipher the legal and philosophical issues concerning the rapid deployment model presented in class.

♦ Given the course materials, plan, coordinate, and successfully deliver the Rapid Deployment training course materials to BLET and/or in-service training.


This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstration and practical exercises.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all class sessions. Students must obtain a score of 80% on a written examination and successfully demonstrate proficiency during the practical exercise and feedback sessions. The first day has a night session working in the computer lab. The second day involves an evening session for a practical exercise session in a public school setting. Students must bring duty equipment which includes weapon, handcuffs, flashlight, ballistic vest, whistle and clipboard. No live ammo will be introduced into the training environment. Bring civilian clothes for scenarios.


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Course Coordinator:

Rodney Harris

Length of Course:

Three days - 24 hours