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Name Position Phone Number
Trevor Allen Director 910-525-4158 ext 210
Chris Anderson Deputy Director West Campus 828-685-1183 ext 228
Stacy Holloman Deputy Director East Campus 910-525-4158 ext 283
Dana Phillips Deputy Director Operations 910-525-4158 ext 321
Vicki Helms Administrative Assistant I 910-525-4158 ext 219
Tami Warren Accreditation Manager 910-525-4158 ext 319
Traci McConnell Administrative Secretary III 828-685-1183 ext 201
Phoebe West Administrative Secretary III 910-525-4158 ext 277
Judy McLamb Administrative Secretary III 910-525-4158 ext 320

East Campus Training (910) 525-4158
Tony Losada Manager Ex.t 262
Becky Peterson Program Assistant V Ext. 285
Jessica Bullock Instructor Developer Ext. 274
Michael Glenn Instructor Developer Ext. 373
Scott Grantham Instructor Developer Ext. 278
Russell Strickland Instructor Developer Ext. 211
Carolyn Pope Program Assistant V Ext. 253
Richard Baric Instructor Developer Ext. 279
Carlton Joyner Instructor Developer Ext. 233
Kevin Tingen Instructor Developer Ext. 230
Scott Tyson Instructor Developer Ext. 281
Richard White Instructor Developer Ext. 323
Laurie Austen Manager Ext. 328
Janet Dunn Program Assistant V Ext. 212
Bill DuBois Instructor Developer Ext. 268
Jennifer Fisher Instructor Developer Ext. 236
Terry Miller Instructor Developer Ext. 232
Vacant Instructor Developer Ext. 231
Julynn Washington Program Assistant V Ext. 234
Susan Gillis Instructor Developer Ext. 350
Jesse Kittrell Instructor Developer Ext. 264
Amanda Stephenson Instructor Developer Ext. 349
Chad Thompson Instructor Developer Ext. 284
Dan Worley Senior Developer Ext. 375
Barbara Boone Program Assistant V Ext. 266
Alice Butler MultiMedia Technician II Ext. 246
Kristi Jernigan Instructor Developer Ext. 351
Matthew Sweet Instructor Developer Ext. 251
Merrily Cheek Instructor Developer Ext. 225
Rick Brown Attorney I Ext. 270
Jarrett McGowan Attorney I Ext. 272

West Campus Training (828) 685 3600
Floyd Yoder Manager Ext. 211
Amit Sujanani Program Assistant V Ext. 225
Rodney Harris Instructor Developer Ext. 222
William Loucks Instructor Developer Ext. 218
Kris Merithew Instructor Developer Ext. 227
Paul Phelan Instructor Developer Ext. 223
Casson Reynolds Instructor Developer Ext. 210
Doug Robinson Instructor Developer Ext. 216
Vacant Instructor Developer Ext. 204
Vacant Instructor Developer Ext. 214
Vacant Instructor Developer Ext. 215
Vacant Instructor Developer Ext. 217

East Campus Support (910) 525-4158
Gary Royal Operations Manager Ext. 326
Joshua Harrell Security Supervisor Ext. 288
Vacant Security Guard Ext. 288
Deborah Smith Security Guard Ext. 288
Reggie Iverson Maintenance Supervisor Ext. 294
T. A. Hairr Maintenance Mechanic II Ext. 377
Danny McPhail Maintenance Mechanic III Ext. 299
Brandon Merritt General Utility Worker Ext. 294
Greg Raynor Maintenance Mechanic IV Ext. 353
Martin Williams Grounds Worker Ext. 294
Marty Young HVAC Mechanic Ext. 372
Tara McPhail Residence Hall Manager Ext. 206
Meredith Raper Processing Assistant III Ext. 217
Hazel McLamb Housekeeping Supervisor Ext. 272
Al Faison Floor Maintenance Assistant Ext. 381
Janice Barnett Housekeeper Ext. 381
Candace Evans Housekeeper Ext. 381
Donna Scott Housekeeper Ext. 381
Laura Wehner Housekeeper Ext. 381
Jeffery Zimmerman ISS Manager Ext. 213
Marcella Bonner Program Assistant V Ext. 248
Judi Ivey Registrar Ext. 245
Michael Cummings Library Supervisor Ext. 300
Cassell DeVane Library Technician Ext. 257
Valerie Coffey Video Unit Supervisor Ext. 301
Ramona Higgins Producer/Director Ext. 303
John Teegarden Producer/Director Ext. 302
Johnnie Parker Print Shop Supervisor Ext. 276
Tom Tiller Printing Equipment Operator Ext. 304
Barbara Yow Artist Illustrator II Ext. 247
Tawnya Smith Bookstore Manager Ext. 310
Candace Cannady Stock Clerk Ext. 338
Ed Scott Warehouse Ext. 343
Heather Melton Program Assistant V Ext. 216
Tina Rich Accounting Technician Ext. 317
Pam Hedgepeth Purchasing Agent Ext. 293
Phoebe Sandy Purchasing Agent Ext. 291
Alvin Davis Technical Support Analyst Ext. 238

West Campus Support (828) 685-3600
Roger Barolet Residence Hall Manager Ext. 200
Vacant Registrar Ext. 213
Brent Janowiak Purchasing Agent Ext. 205
Brian Chapman Technical Support Analyst Ext. 206
David Harrell Maintenance Supervisor Ext. 246
Chris Jackson Grounds Worker Ext. 230
Marla Norville Media Technician II Ext. 202
Larry McCrary HVAC Technician Ext. 231
Lee Johnson HVAC Technician West Campus 828-577-0034