North Carolina Justice Academy

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NC Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy

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Who Should Attend:

Victim service providers and allied professionals such as victim advocates working in non-profit organizations; victim advocates in law enforcement; victim/witness legal assistants in prosecutors’ offices; law enforcement officers; counselors; social workers; victim advocates in the military; and clergy.

Course Goal:

The NC Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy thrives to set a uniform standard for training victim service providers and allied professionals in providing effective services to victims of crime.  (Note: NCVAN certifies all students who successfully complete all course work)

Course Objectives:

The academy curriculum includes objectives for each module. The following is a partial listing.
At the completion of the course students will:
  • Be able to define human trafficking
  • Understand state and federal laws related to human trafficking
  • Identify resources and assessment tools for allied professionals who encounter potential victims of trafficking;
  • Identify victim assistance strategies when working with victims of human trafficking to ensure their safety;
  • Know how to leverage pretrial release conditions to increase victim safety and accountability;
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Crawford v. Washington case and how it is applied in criminal prosecutions.
  • Identify the stalker’s behaviors and motivations necessary to meet the criminal elements of the statute as related by the victim’s description of events.
  • Identify documentation needs and intervention strategies that may assist in developing investigation/safety needs.
  • Develop an increased awareness of technology and how perpetrators use it to commit crimes.
  • Be knowledgeable of the tools and technology that can be used to identify victimization.
  • Be knowledgeable of the tools that can be used to help victims


This course will employ lecture and practical exercises.

Training Location:

NC Administrative Office of the Courts
901 Corporate Center Dr
Oak Room - Maple Room
Raleigh, NC 27607

Registration & Fee:

All Students are required to register with NCVAN and NCJA to receive credit hours.
  1. NCJA: - go to web forms and sign up.
  2. NCVAN: The fee for this course is $200.00. Checks will be made payable to NCVAN and mailed to: NCVAN, 5700 Six Forks Road, Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27609. Point of contact is Ms. Jane Allen Wilson at 919-831-2857 or visit the website at: .



Course Coordinator:


Course Instructors:

NCVAN Instructors

Length of Course:

Five days - 35 hours

CICP Credit