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NC Association of Property & Evidence Conference

Please check our "Available Training" page for the most current status of the course. 

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who is involved in the Property and Evidence Management Profession or persons who supervise personnel involved in P&E management. personnel who are employed by a law enforcement agency (sworn or non-sworn) or any other agency or entity that is responsible for collecting, storing, maintaining and destroying property and evidence that is involved in the criminal justice system.

Course Goal:

Provide conference attendees with information, techniques, and presentations which contribute to the best practices for managing property and evidence. The North Carolina Association of Property and Evidence plans for a Spring and Fall conference each year. When those dates and locations are determined by the NCAPE leadership each year, the details are published on their website:

Course Objectives:

Conference attendees may see the presentation and training program as it is publish at:



Registration Information:

Membership is the NCAPE is required to attend the conference.
Conference fee: $40.00 for current members. $75.00 for non-members (this includes the $40.00 conference fee and $35.00 for a one year membership to NCAPE).

Registration is through NCAPE:

Mail registrations and related material to:
PO Box 633
Mt. Pleasant, NC  28124 or
Email registration forms to:

Contact Person:

Tim Culp, Executive Director
Phone: 980-521-8104



Course Coordinator:

Casson Reynolds

Length of Course:

Two and 1/2 days (20 hours)

 CICP Credit