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1. Completion of NCJA Leadership Module 1  (Scroll to the bottom of the page and search Section #208712)
2. Complete application to the program.
3. Letter of recommendation from the applicant's chief, sheriff, or director.
4. 1500-word essay based on reading assignment from Wake Tech (focus and criteria of essay and to be assigned by the NCJA-LI program coordinator)

Who should Attend:

Law enforcement leaders having command level authority, or actively preparing for command level roles within their agencies.

Course Description:

NCJA-LI is an intensive study for law enforcement leaders intended to equip them to steer their agencies and communities toward the future. Developed from the leadership foundations previously offered in the academy's 30-year Management Development Program (MDP), NCJA-LI seeks to expand leadership education with a renewed focus on trends and topics that have the greatest impact on today's law enforcement organizations. Understanding that time is a commodity, NCJA developed partnerships with Wake Tech Community College, and the UNC School of Government (SOG) to maximize leadership education for our students while minimizing the amount of time required away from home and work.

Phase I of NCJA-LI is the completion of a 12-week online course through Wake Tech called the NCJA Leadership Module 1. This class focuses on the basics of leadership taught by top leaders in the law enforcement industry and is a prerequisite for any student desiring to attend Phase II. Due to limited space and seating, completion of Phase I does not guarantee that every student earns a spot in Phase II, where participants are selected through a competitive process.

Phase II consists of three 40-hour weeks of instruction over a period of three consecutive months and focuses on delving deeper into the philosophies of leadership with practical applications for leading in today’s environment. Two of the three weeks occur on the eastern campus of NCJA where residency is free to students. The other week is on the campus of UNC in Chapel Hill where students may need to arrange a hotel stay depending on their proximity to that area. Apart from normal meals and per diem, this is the only expense agencies are expected to cover. Students who complete Phase I but are not selected to attend Phase II have the option to continue their leadership education through Wake Tech’s Certified Credible Leadership Program, a continuation of their online experience. They may also reapply to attend Phase II at a later date.

Phase I Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of leading down and managing up
  • Differentiate between coactive, reactive, and proactive policing
  • Understand the differences and importance of vision versus mission
  • Identify and learn to overcome ethical issues in policing
  • Understand the benefits and pitfalls associated with organizational change
  • Become acquainted with dynamic leadership models based on reading assignments

Phase II Objectives:

  • Learn and implement the five practices of leadership (based on The Leadership Challenge)
  • Gain a deeper realization of one’s leadership as viewed through the eyes of self and others
  • Learn to build trusting relationships in a team setting
  • Enhance the leader’s public speaking skills and ability to better connect with their audiences
  • Study the purpose and philosophy of policing as it applies to leadership
  • Develop a deeper understanding of procedural justice and how it applies to police leadership
  • Study the laws related to employment, public records, and liability/immunity
  • Improve abilities to work with local government and elected leaders
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement strategic planning and change management
  • Prepare and demonstrate the ability to design an effective budget through practical simulation
  • Study the effects of social media on law enforcement and the challenges it creates for leaders
  • Learn to effectively and professionally interact with the news media
  • Develop strategies that strengthen relationships with diverse communities
  • Consider benefits of accreditation in law enforcement
  • Consider effective recruiting and retention efforts for law enforcement organizations

Course Requirements:

Students selected to attend NCJA-LI (Phase II) must attend all scheduled sessions.

Length of Program:

15 days, 120 hours

Special Concerns:

Students (or their agencies) are responsible for the cost of residency during the week in Chapel Hill. The other weeks, students are housed in the NCJA Residency Halls. One of the practical exercises used in this course is the Ropes Course, which requires working under supervised conditions from varying heights above ground. Students who suffer a debilitating fear of heights could be affected by this exercise. The instructor(s) will work with students to help them overcome this fear, or to find a suitable replacement exercise.


Admission to the NCJA-LI is a competitive process. Due to limited space, only 25 applicants are accepted per session into the program. Students earn 100 hours of continuing education credits for completion of Phase I through Wake Tech. Students completing Phase II earn a minimum 120 hours from NCJA (this may be more depending on unforeseen requirements during the class).

Testing and Assignments:

While this is not a commission-based course that requires testing; the instructor(s) have the discretion of using tests as a means to enhance the learning process for any block of instruction.

For more information about this program contact:

Kevin Tingen, Instructor/Developer
(910) 525-4151 ext. 230


Course Coordinator:

Kevin Tingen

NCJA-LI Application:


Length of Course:

15 days
(120 hours).

Limit 2 students per department