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Investigating the Sexual Victimization of Children

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Who Should Attend:

Individuals, who as part of their job function, must investigate allegations of the sexual victimization of children.

Course Goals:

To provide the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully conduct an investigation of child sexual victimization.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:

⇒ Identify thinking errors common to individuals who sexually victimize children.
⇒ Recognize the various types of child sexual molesters.
⇒ Identify various reasons for the sexual victimization of children.
⇒ Recognize various types of rape and paraphilic behavior associated with this type offender.
⇒ Identify what is or is not pornography and its relationship to the sexual victimization of children.


This course will employ lecture, discussion and conference methods.

Course Requirements:

Attendance at all class sessions is required.


$100 - Checks should be made payable to: Mike Prodan and mailed to: 233 Bradley Drive, West Columbia, SC 29170. Payment should reach Mr. Prodan no later than one week before class starts. Phone: 803-996-4636.


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Course Coordinator:

Doug Robinson

Course Instructor:

Mike Prodan

Length of Course:

One day (8 hours)

 CICP Credit