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Interrogation Rights

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Who Should Attend:

Sworn law enforcement officers.

Course Goal:

Law enforcement officers must be knowledgeable in the laws pertaining to interrogation of suspects and arrestees in order to lawfully apprehend criminal offenders and obtain evidence for use in prosecution.  This course will review interrogation rights in order to enable officers to lawfully and effectively perform their duties.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:

1.  Identify the purpose and scope of protections given by the Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments.   
2.  Identify circumstances which may cause an interview or interrogation to be involuntary, and recognize consequences of violating the Fourteenth Amendment’s requirement of voluntariness.  
3. Discuss the following legal elements of the Fifth Amendment dealing with suspects and arrestees: 
  • Custody 
  • Interrogation 
  • Right to silence 
  • Right to counsel 
  • Assertion of those rights 
  • Waiver of those rights 
  • Reinitiating after invocation of those rights
4.  Discuss the following legal elements of the Sixth Amendment rights of defendants: 
  • Critical stages of proceedings 
  • To which charges does the right apply 
  • Assertion of those rights 
  • Waiver of those rights 
  • Reinitiating after invocation of those rights 
5.  Identify the requirements of North Carolina’s electronic recordation statute.  


This course employs lecture, class discussion and an intensive review of judicial decisions (appellate course cases) illustrating the points made throughout the course.

Course Requirements:

This course involves an intensive review of judicial decisions/case law.  Attendance is required at all sessions.


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Course Coordinator:

Jarrett McGowan
Rick Brown

Length of Course:

One day (8 hours)

 CICP Credit