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Investigating Crimes in Long-Term Care Facilities: Voiceless Victims

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Who Should Attend:

Patrol officers, investigators, and other law enforcement personnel.

Course Goals:

To provide law enforcement personnel with updated information, improved knowledge and communication techniques regarding unique situations and challenges which may present themselves in a long-term care setting.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:

► Identify and distinguish between the various types of long-term care facilities. 
► Identify and describe in writing, the regulatory agencies that oversee long-term care facilities.
► Given basic information, describe aspects of the normal aging process, and list common challenges faced by older adults, especially related to communication and potential victimization.
► Utilize and develop additional skills and techniques learned in class to enhance their efforts of interaction or interviewing of residents in a long-term care facility.
► Understand and explain in writing the fundamental principles of law regarding personal decision-making which includes Powers of Attorney and Guardianship.
► Identify in writing the ways that law enforcement officers can obtain a medical record without violating HIPAA.
► Explain the role of Adult Protective Services regarding allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
► Identify and list the elements of the crimes designed to protect the elderly and disabled.


The course employs lecture, discussion, and hands-on skill practice.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all class sessions. Patrol officers must bring their uniforms, and investigators must bring their duty attire for final day of class.


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Course Coordinator:

Course Instructors:

Kathryn Lanier - Ombudsman Program Specialist - NC Division of Aging and Adult Services
LeShana Baldwin - APS Consultant
 ­NC Division of Aging and Adult Services

Sharon Wilder - State Long Term Care Ombudsman - NC Division of Aging and Adult Services

Doug Thoren - Assistant Attorney General - NC Department of Justice -
Medicaid Fraud Investigation Unit

Length of Course:

Two days - 16 hours

 CICP Credit