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Handling Suicide Callers

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Who Should Attend:

All telecommunicators (sheriffs, police, emergency service centers, highway patrol, etc.) who are employed by or sponsored by an emergency services center. 

Course Goals:

To help the participant gain a better understanding of suicide and its causes. Through increased awareness, the telecommunicator can more effectively counsel and assist the suicide caller.

Course Objectives:

1. Define crisis intervention as it relates to suicidal situations.
2. List, in writing, three myths about suicide.
3. Identify potential suicidal individuals.
4. Define the term “suicidal `erosion.”
5. Provide examples of ambivalence by the suicidal caller.
6. List, in writing, motives for suicide.
7. List and define the three H’s of suicide.
8. Define the term crisis and identify behaviors that are indicators of a crisis-prone person.
9. List various types of events that may precipitate a crisis. 
10. Outline key characteristics of the following types of calls:
a. Domestic violence
b. Child abuse 
c. Financial stress 
d. Substance abuse
e. Mental disorders
f. Suicidal callers
11. Determine basic guidelines for identifying a crisis and what can be done to establish a plan of action.
12. Identify the two factors that the telecommunicator needs to consider regarding risk assessment. 
13. Discuss suicide by cop and recognize the potential dangers that are characteristic of this type of call.  
14. Identify the do’s and don’ts of helping a suicidal caller.
15. Discuss elements that should be included in agency policy and procedure. 


This course employs lecture, conference and group exercise.

Course Requirements:

The student is required to attend the entire course. All practical exercises must be satisfactorily completed.


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Course Coordinator:


Length of Course:

One day - 8 hours

 CICP Credit