North Carolina Justice Academy

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General Instructor Training


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Who Should Attend:

Criminal justice personnel planning to teach in any course mandated by either the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission or the Sheriffs' Education and Training Commission are required to successfully complete this course and apply for certification as a probationary general instructor. To become a probationary general instructor, applicants must have a minimum of four years of practical criminal justice experience.  

Course Goals:

To provide the information necessary to competently research, plan, prepare, evaluate, and present a block of instruction in accordance with the ISD Model.  

Course Objectives:


The student will be able to:

⇒ Develop a lesson play for the 70-minute block of instruction.
⇒ Construct a test appropriate to the 70-minute block of instruction and audio-video aids.
⇒ Teach a 70-minute block of instruction.
⇒ Successfully complete a written examination, achieving a score above 75%


This course employs discussion, programed text, demonstration and practical exercises.  

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at ALL class sessions. The student must develop a lesson plan for the 70-minute block of instruction with accompanying support materials, construct a test appropriate to the 70-minute block of instruction and teach an 70-minute block of instruction. 

Students should bring any special clothing, equipment, references or other materials necessary to enable them to research, write, type, and present an 70-minute block of instruction on a criminal justice related topic. Students can expect to spend a number of hours at night preparing lesson plans and audio/visual aids, as well as practicing for their 70-minute presentation. Students should have strong skills in Microsoft Word and should be familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop for use in developing their lesson plan. This laptop will need to have Word 2010. A USB Flash Drive is required, and it is recommended that the student bring a wireless mouse.



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Course Coordinator:

Jessica Bullock

Length of Course:

78 hours (minimum)