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Opioid Addiction Epidemic National Crisis: 2018 Prospective (Eastern NC Gang Conference)

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Who Should Attend:

Law Enforcement, Court Counselors, School Administrators, School Teachers, School Counselors, Youth Organizations, Churches...

Course Goal:

The purpose of the conference is to help provide awareness to the community of gang activities as well as the opioid addiction epidemic. 

More Information:

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Join us for the 12th Annual Eastern NC GANG Conference on January 19, 2018 at NCJA-Salemburg. This year our topic will be: Opioid Addiction Epidemic National Crisis: 2018 Prospective. Josh Stein, North Carolina Attorney General, will give a message and there will be meaningful workshops to understand the link between opioids, gangs, families, communities, law enforcement, etc. and our role in treatment and prevention! Bring your questions for the Panel Discussion.


This course employs lecture and discussion.

Course Fee:

$20.00 (includes lunch)


Registration deadline is January 5, 2018.
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Course Coordinator:

Scott Grantham

Length of Course:

Six hours
8:30 am - 4:00 pm