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Application for School Resource Officer Certificate Program

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School Resource Officer Certificate

Updated: September 2016


The School Resource Officer Certificate Program is designed specifically for School Resource Officers who have a desire to increase their training experiences and credentials. The courses selected for the program recognize that an SRO is often required to perform traditional patrol responsibilities in addition to their school-related duties.


The total requirement for completion of the program is 400 class hours, as noted on the course certificate or NCJA transcript. 
Core Classes (80 hours):
Electives (320 hours):
Any law enforcement course taught and/or coordinated by the North Carolina Justice Academy can be used to fulfill the elective balance. All NCJA coordinated conferences may be utilized (NCASRO, NCGIA, NCJOA, etc.). Additionally, DARE Instructor, GREAT Instructor and RADAR Training will be considered with the appropriate certificate including the number of training hours. 
There is no time limit in obtaining this certificate. Any courses that have applicable credits taken prior to entry into the program will be counted as credit earned within the program. Community College, University or any other college level programs will not count for credit within this program. Also, in-service training does not count within this program.
Applicants must be sworn members of a law enforcement agency within the State of North Carolina. Participants must hold at least a Basic Level Certificate in Law Enforcement from either the Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission or the Sheriffs' Education and Training Commission. Applicants must be a current or former School Resource Officer.
For More Information contact:
NCJA - East
910.525.4151, ext. 278