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Criminal Investigation Certificate Program

The Criminal Investigation Certificate Program, for sworn law enforcement, is designed to recognize candidates who have completed appropriate training in order to better prepare themselves for the rigors and challenges of Law Enforcement criminal investigations. Investigative techniques, details of legal changes, technological advances and the practical application of detectives “best practices” constantly change in our challenging world.  Professional investigators who seek out that best practice training stand out from the rest, and should be so recognized. 


  • Candidates must complete an application which includes the approval of your Training Manager or Immediate Supervisor AND Agency Head in order to participate in the program.  With your required signature on this application, you agree to complete this program within 5 years of the acceptance date.
  • Candidates who are approved must be a member of a law enforcement agency (public or private) or a law enforcement support entity. 
  • Completion of the program requires 500 credit hours with a focus on law enforcement criminal investigations. Only courses where an NCJA Coordinator completes registration or the class is sponsored by the NCJA will be credited towards the 500 credit hours required for the Certificate.
  • The following courses will be required core courses for completion of the Program. They are: General Criminal Investigations, Criminal Investigation: Interviews and Interrogations, and Police Law Institute.
  • Any approved courses taken prior to the acceptance date will be credited towards completion of the certificate program if taken within five years of the application date. Hours of credit will be given as listed on the course completion documentation. Final approval of courses and credited hours is at the discretion of the program coordinator.
  • For completion of the Program, the candidate shall have at least two years of full-time criminal investigation experience.
  • Candidates will be responsible for maintaining the documentation of their own progress. Certificates and ongoing documentation other than the initial application will not be maintained on file at the NCJA until the candidate has completed the program.
  • Candidates are encouraged to contact the program coordinator upon completion of 400 hours for verification of their progress.
  • Recommendations for improvement of the CICP are welcomed. Doug Robinson, the program coordinator, will be available for comments and questions. Contact at or 828-685-3600, ext. 216.
  • Candidates must complete the program within five years of acceptance in the program. If this deadline cannot be met, there will be consideration of hardship circumstances at the discretion of the program coordinator.