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CPCP Course Requirements

SPECIAL NOTE:When required hours have been met, mail a list of completed courses to:
 North Carolina Justice Academy
 Attention: Carlton Joyner
 PO Box 99
 Salemburg, NC 28385.

All enrollees before April 1, 2016 will use the course requirements when they began the course: CPCP Course Requirement - before April 1, 2016.

These are the required core courses effective April 1, 2016: 
Community Oriented Policing  24 Hours
Crime Prevention Specialist  40 Hours
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design  32 Hours (before 5/1/17 it was 24 hours)
Developing Speaking Skills  24 Hours
Police Law Institute  76 Hours
Verbal Judo  16 Hours (before 5/1/17 it was 24 hours)
Total of Core Courses Required 212 Hours

Effective November 1, 2016, you can choose from these electives. You will need 188 elective hours.

Advanced SRO: School Searches 28 Hours
Aggressive Driving Enforcement 16 Hours
Basic Anti-Terrorism Awareness 16 Hours
Basic Hostage and Crisis Negotiations  40 Hours
Basic Hostage Negotiations for First Responders  8 Hours
Community Policing before the Crisis 6 Hours ($150 fee)
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence 24 Hours
Drug Enforcement for Patrol Officers 24 Hours
Early Stage Street Encounters 24 Hours
First Line Supervision 40 hours
Human Trafficking Protocol for Law Enforcement  4 Hours
Identification of Fraudulent Documents  8 Hours
Investigating Crimes in Long Term Care Facilities 24 Hours
Juvenile Legal Issues for Law Enforcement  8 Hours
Officer Safety/Readiness Training 45 Hours
Police Law Institute Refresher 24 Hours
Robbery Response Tactics 16 Hours
School Resource Officer 40 Hours
School Resource Officer Ethics 32 Hours
Solo Active Shooter Response 24 Hours
Terrorism Update 16 Hours
Threat Assessment/School Rampage Shooter  8 Hours ($100 fee)
T.R.R.U.T.H. - Taking Race Relations and Understanding to Heart 16 hours