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Conflict Management for Mid-Level Managers

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Who Should Attend:

Mid-level managers in law enforcement, communications or detention positions.

Course Goal:

To present the student with information necessary to identify conflict, understand elements of conflict and develop a plan for conflict management within their agency.

Course Objectives:

1. In your own words, correctly define “conflict.”
2. List and describe in writing Bell and Hart’s Eight Causes of Conflict.
3. Identify in writing the five (5) levels of conflict.
4. Using the Thomas-Kilmann Model for Conflict Management, identify and explain in writing the five (5) modes of addressing conflict.
5. In your own words, describe the process for identifying the conflict using the four (4) step model for framing the problem.
6. Define “emotional hijacking”.
7. Given a practical exercise, employ the following soft skills that may be used to manage conflict with a co-worker or subordinate:
a. Listening
b. Communicating
c. Providing feedback
d. Showing empathy
8. Given a practical exercise, employ the following soft processes that may be used to manage conflict with someone outside of your agency:
a. Mindfulness
b. Inquiry
c. Critical thinking
d. Civility
9. Given a practical exercise, employ strategies for resolving conflict that include:
a. Self-management behaviors
b. Internal focus
c. Ground rules


Lecture/Conference/Practical Exercises

Course Requirements:

100% attendance
Successful completion of post-test.
Course is structured for mid-level managers.


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Course Coordinator:

Laurie Austen

Length of Course:

2 days - 16 hours

Agency Limit: 2