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Budgeting & Finance for Law Enforcement Administration

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Acceptance into this course is based on (1) years of experience, (2) familiarization with Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel and (3) the student's role in his/her agency budget process.  Applicants will be asked to verify how they meet these criteria during the registration process.

Who Should Attend:

Police Administrators who will be working with the agency's budgeting process. This course is intended for police managers who are responsible for budget preparation within their agency, and wish to work on skills directly related to formulation, allocation and presentation of the agency's budget.

Course Goal:

The course focus is to assist the student with development of the skills, knowledge and abilities to effectively plan, formulate, allocate and present an agency budget within their jurisdiction.

Course Objectives:

Upon course completion, the student will be able to:

  • Define the term "budget".
  • Develop the skills to design a strategic plan for the budget.
  • Determine the differences between short-term and long-term budgeting goals.
  • List and explain the steps involved in the budgeting process.
  • Determine and articulate manpower needs for their agency.
  • Understand and employ the use of the Crime Measurement Index (CMI).
  • Apply the dynamics of calls for service.
  • Using their agency's budget, prepare a presentation for the local government entity.


Classroom instruction with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications by instructor and students.

Course Requirements:

Student should be able to use Microsoft applications (Word/Excel/PowerPoint). Students should bring electronic copy of agency budget on removable disc drive for class. Students will have assignments to be completed during evening hours and may wish to have access to a laptop.

Special Concerns:

Class is designed specifically for agency management level staff.


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Course Coordinator:

Laurie Austen

Length of Course:

24 hours - 3 days

Agency Limit: 1

Directions to Salemburg & Edneyville