North Carolina Justice Academy

North Carolina Department of Justice

Basic Anti-Terrorism Awareness

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Who Should Attend:

All law enforcement officers, investigators and related personnel who may prevent or respond to a terrorist act.

Course Goals:

To provide the participant with the knowledge, skills and abilities to recognize potential terrorist targets, suspicious people and activities, and other attack indicators. Methods of receiving and reporting vital information will also be addressed.

Course Objectives:

At the awareness level, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize potential terrorist indicators, symbols, and behaviors associated with international, domestic and Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVE).
  • Identify common false documents.
  • Recognize and differentiate between domestic and international groups.
  • Understand the significance of performing a Threat Vulnerability Assessment in their communities.
  • Know how and to whom to report suspicious activity and what information is vital in that reporting.


This course will employ lecture, discussion and analysis. The course will have extensive use of video clips, videos and PowerPoint slides. In addition, some outside reading will be required.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all sessions. Students must achieve a minimum score of 70% on a written test which will be given at the conclusion of the course.


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Course Coordinator:

Doug Robinson


Length of Course:

Two days - 16 hours

 CICP Credit