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Advanced SRO: From Searches to Sexting

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Who Should Attend:

Sworn law enforcement officers assigned as school resource officers.

Course Goal:

Officers must be aware of their authority to engage in school searches and must be able to recognize the protections afforded to students under the Fourth Amendment. Officers must also effectively apply their lawful authority while working with school officials and while engaged in independent, proactive police investigations while in the school environment. 

This course will cover the specific legal issues that School Resource Officers face. From school searches to sex crimes involving juveniles, from issues with social media to how and when Juvenile Miranda rights apply. This course provides an overview of the unique legal standards and challenges SROs deal with daily.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:
♦ Review the basic protections of the Fourth Amendment as applied in the public school environment.

♦ Review the legal standard governing school searches conducted by school resource officers working in conjunction with school officials.

♦ Analyze case law illustrating the concept of working in conjunction with school officials.

♦ Applying judicial decisions, lawfully conduct school searches involving lockers, motor vehicles and the student population.

♦ Analyze select criminal statutes and recognize when probable cause exists to initiate charge or arrest for crimes involving: weapons in schools; threats and hoaxes; assault; and disorderly conduct.

♦ Research current issues in school law enforcement, and in a brief written assignment, provide recommendations to help maintain a safe school environment.


This course employs lecture, class discussion, videos and an intensive review of judicial decisions (appellate court cases) illustrating the points made throughout the course.

Course Requirements:

This is an advanced level course involving an intensive review of judicial decisions and other legal sources. Attendance is required at all sessions. Students must complete a final exam with a passing score of 80%. Students will complete some evening work assignments involving reading and writing.


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Course Coordinator:

Jarrett McGowan

Length of Course:

 Four days - 28 hours

LIMIT 3 students per department.