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Advanced SRO Survival

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School Resource Officer Training

Who Should Attend:

All certified law enforcement officers who are currently assigned as a School Resource

Course Goal:

To provide additional skills for the school resource officer by building on the fundamentals learned in initial school resource officer training.

Course Objectives:

  1. Discuss de-escalation strategies and sound decision making skills for school resource officers.
  2. Identify characteristics of weapon concealment and pre-assault behaviors.
  3. Discuss casualty care skills including the ability to properly apply a tourniquet.
  4. Given a survey instrument, evaluate school security vulnerability including special operation planning.
  5. Discuss procedures and tactics for dealing with incidents occurring on school buses in a practical setting.
  6. Utilizing a firearms training simulator and force on force training scenarios, demonstrate and articulate the proper use or non-use of force.


This course will employ conference, discussion and practical exercises.

Course Requirements:

Students must successfully score 70% or higher on a final written exam and pass all practical exercises. All practical exercises are pass or fail with the opportunity for remediation for failures.

Special Concerns:

This course will employ training simulator and force-on-force practical exercises. The following items are required of students: Issued duty gear; athletic type shoes suitable for use on mats; body armor; long sleeve shirt; gloves and appropriate weather gear. Special protective gear will be provided by the Academy.


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Course Coordinator:

Scott Grantham

Length of Course:

24 hours - 3 days

SROCP Credit

Directions to Salemburg & Edneyville