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Investigative Discourse Analysis

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Who Should Attend:

Law enforcement officers who are tasked with conducting interviews of suspected perpetrators and those assigned to investigative units.

Course Goal:

To provide the participant with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to utilize documents as an inquiry-related decision-making tool in addition to identifying indicators of deception that may assist in obtaining the conclusion of the inquiry. 

Course Objectives:

  • Obtain an exact word-for-word statement from an interviewee of suitable length to perform analysis.
  • Perform an analysis of a previously obtained statement, transcript, or other form of discourse and establish the elements necessary for amplifying the content of the discourse.
  • Apply the appropriate questioning procedures necessary to have the subject expand upon items and areas identified by the analysis of the discourse.


This course employs lecture, conference, case examinations and analytical exercises.

Course Requirements:

Students must have previously successfully completed an Interview and Interrogation course prior to attending this class. Class will begin at 8:00am. Students must attend all session of the course.

Special Concerns:

This is a vendor course for which a $250.00 fee is charged for attendance. Included in this fee is the textbook for the course. Mr. Rabon will accept cash, credit card or money order from students attending the course. He does not accept purchase orders. Students wishing to pay the fee in advance may send payment directly to:
Don Rabon
191 Sweetgum Trail
Hendersonville, NC 28739


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Course Coordinator:

Casson Reynolds

Course Instructor:

Don Rabon

Length of Course:

5 days - 40 hours

 CICP Credit